Partial Eclipse of the Sun

eclipse filtered 1Ok, nothing really to do with the outdoor scene, but I took some pictures of the almost total eclipse of the sun March 2015. I uploaded some pictures on Flickr. My quick rubbish set up was a small pair of binoculars with one side taped up. Then I used duct tape to attach it to a tripod (no tripod bush!). Punched a hole in a piece of cardboard to make the shadow, then more duct tape to cover the badly made hole. Projected on a bit of white paper, and it actually worked. Also used a colander to project multiple images on my shed (yes, it is a pinkish colour). Also taped some odd graduated Cokin filters to a 135 mm telephoto lens.  I could not find the Cokin Lens attachment thing, nor the solar filter I used for the 1999 eclipse

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