TGO Challenge 2017: Oban to Montrose – Getting to the start

Sick woman – a bit like this. Not her greatest day
take that
Take That – they make you sick


I travelled up by train to Oban on the Thursday. The leg from Dundee to Glasgow was eventful, with the carriage I was in seeming to be full of women drinking alcohol, and one was in my seat. She and her friends seemed a bit scary, so I found another seat. Eventually one of them vomited in the passageway, and at various points on their way to the toilet. The train announcer said rather kindly, that someone had taken ill and could we move to another carriage while ours was being cleaned. When I phoned home later I discovered that they would be on their way to a “Take That” concert in Glasgow. Note that the picture of the woman being sick is not the actual woman – it’s just a picture I got from the interweb. Also, I did not take the picture of Take That either, in case you were wondering.


Usual standard Oban picture. Taken Friday morning.

The journey from Glasgow to Oban was thankfully uneventful. At Oban I stayed at the Columba Hotel. It is quite handy for the railway station and the signing out point the next day. The room rate was very reasonable and the hotel had good and inexpensive food.




As well as the blog, I also have more photographs on Flickr.

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