TGO Challenge 2017: Day 8 – Source of the Feshie to White Bridge


Not only was this camping spot sunny in the evening, it was also sunny in the morning. Stevie and I headed off together, but quite late, around 10am. The going was slower that you might think as the mileage was added to because of moving from bank to bank and crossing the river numerous times to get the easiest line.


I had great walk with Stevie and we had a good chat about other folk that we had met. The conversation got round to the American David Brown who writes a great blog, and Stevie told me about David’s story “A Walk with Stevie” which he published in the Washington Post! I read this later and it is a great piece, but you think he would have consulted Stevie first before publishing it.

My own “Walk with Stevie” ended after a few hours as I was getting tired and Stevie seemed to have endless energy. Stevie went on, and I had a rest. Eventually the never ending Feshie turns west and at this point it is a pathless walk to reach the Geldie path.

John and Mick

The walk up to this point was great, with brilliant river scenery, birds, fish and jus a great place to be. The Geldie path I find a bit boring but it gets the job done. I caught up with Mick and John who were having a break. As always seemed to be the case, they were much more experienced Challengers and backpackers than me and it is always useful to have a look over their kit to get any tips for the future. John was proud of his modification to his Pacer Poles. He had fitted Black Diamond flick-locks to his as he also had problems with the pacer poles sometimes being difficult to lock, and unlock at times. Later on when I got home I was looking through the TGO magazine we were given at the Park Hotel and there is a new product announcement – Pacer Poles with – flick locks!


Me having a rest

Mick and John restarted before me and I never managed to catch them up again. Further down the path, I was amazed to see Stevie catch up with me, as I thought he would be miles ahead, but he had stopped further back for a sleep. He took off again, and I dragged my weary carcass to White Bridge. I had intended to camp a few km further, but I had had enough for the day, and it looked like it was about to rain. Once the tent was up, it started raining and it seemed to rain for most of the night, although I slept through it.


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