TGO Challenge 2017: Day 7 – Loch Cuaich to near the source of the River Feshie

Good weather today. I had made the mistake of camping too close to the boat shed and the tent was in its shadow for a while which was a nuisance as I wanted the sun to dry off the tent after last night’s rain. It had also been a very noisy dawn chorus, as there are lots of birds around here.

Looking back to Loch Cuaich

I headed along the track beside the Loch. There are also suitable camping spots at the other end of the Loch. After following some faint tracks, I headed down the Allt na Feinnich. This was a really pleasant walk. Again for future reference, there are a few possible camping sites before the trees. I headed for the bridge past Bhran Cottage, but this fairly new bridge was down. The few fords nearby looked a bit deep to cross, so I had to head away from the river for a bit because of the steep sides and then head upstream. After a while there was a fairly easy bit to cross, although the water was still above my knees.


I then headed along the road to join the Minigaig path. This was a bad idea. The Minigaig is not well defined at all and it was quite heavy going when I lost the path. I should have crossed the bridge at the house then followed the track to the next weir.

Martin, Moira and Joyce

I then met Martin, Moira and Joyce. They were also staying at Loch Cuaich last night, but had arrived late in the rain and one of the Estate workers unlocked the estate hut for them! They continued to follow the “path”, but I stuck to the river banks and this was much quicker. They caught up with me as I was having a break and we went our separate ways, they headed for Glen Feshie while I stuck to the vague line of the Minigaig leading close to the summit the Corbett Leachad an Taobhain. Although the path is now much clearer the higher you get up this hill, it is still very wet and muddy.


The weather had been great all day, even necessitating the use of sun cream, but near the summit of the Corbett there was a heavy hail shower, but only lasting for about 10 minutes.

P1000297I did consider camping just below the summit as there was a good spring close by, but this would make my next day’s walk quite long, so after summiting I headed east down to the River Feshie. You would not think this was the Feshie as it is just a small burn, and is flowing east rather than west, but further down the Feshie makes two 90 degree turns and eventually goes west.

My original aim was to get as far down the Feshie as I could, but the sun was out and there were lots of opportunities for camping, so I set up the tent about only about 45 minutes after leaving the summit.

A great camping spot. My tent in the foreground, Stevie’s across the burn

I thought it unlikely that anyone else would wander along here, but around 8.30pm, still lying with the tent door open enjoying the heat of the sun, Stevie O’Hara appeared. Stevie camped across the burn from me. He had come from Dalwhinnie over what seemed a pretty difficult route, but he had bagged two munros giving him a round total of 200. He did not realise that Leachad an Taobhain was a Corbett, so that was a wee bonus for him.


Stevie offloaded some extra food he was carrying which was much appreciated as I was rationing mine. It was just a snickers bar and a packet of peanuts but it was a welcome bonus just the same.

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