TGO Challenge 2017: Day 11 – Shielin of Mark to Tarfside

Good camping at the bothy

I left early about 0745, but quite a few folk had already gone! The weather was very good this morning. Gavin Scott and Lynn Kinrade started off about the same time as me, but were camped across the river. We met up near the top of Muckle Cairn, and also with (I think) James Impey at the wee summit shelter, although it is unclear which bit of the hill is the actual summit. We more or less walked together down to the Stables of Lee. It was still quite early, 0935 hrs, so I decided to leave the rucksack and head up the Graham, Hunt Hill. It’s a bit of a brutal pathless ascent (and subsequent descent), but nice to get the rucksack off. Anyway, it’s a new unplanned Graham and the views were great. I have to confess that the classification of Grahams seems odd to me. There are a few higher summits in the vicinity that are neither Grahams or Corbetts, and don’t seem to be linked to a Graham, Corbett or Munro either.


At Stables of Lee

Back at Stables of Lee, Colin Campbell was having a break. I made some soup, then Frank, Lawrence and Lesley joined us. Colin and I joined forces and headed down the glen. After a bit it started raining fairly heavily. We had a break at the rather wet carved seat near the East end of Loch Lee. Colin tried to refill his water bottle from the Loch, but it looked like a primordial living broth so went without. We plodded down the road, then took the path to Tarfside. By now the rain had stopped, the sun was out and it was really hot.


Are you being served? Yes!

One we reached Tarfside we headed to St Drostans for refreshments. This was great. I managed to get a room, but Colin went to the camping area. We met up again at the “second sitting” for food. It was good to see Graham and Marion at St Drostans. They were part of the volunteer group running the place and also offering their expert knowledge to those heading to the Fettereso and lesser mortals like me taking the trade route to Northwaterbridge.


It was great to sleep in a bed as my sore back had been playing up the last few hours coming down the road and track. Also lucky, as the weather turned to rain again, including a thunderstorm.

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