TGO Challenge 2017: Day 9 – White Bridge to Braemar

2017-05-20 09.49.26It was raining all day. I was away quite early at 0745, although many others had left before that. I walked to Mar Lodge with Tony McAndrew. There was the usual tea and biscuits (yes, there were still biscuits when I got there), and it was fine to use the facilities there and catch up with some folk I had met at various stages along the way.


I headed to Braemar on my own, just going along the road. The last time I went by the Morrone Birchwood, also in poor weather. I think the road is a bit quicker, although really, I am in no hurry. Well, that’s not true, I was looking forward to a cooked breakfast at Gordon’s Tearoom and I was in a hurry for that.

I phoned the TGO control then phoned home. Ishbel was coming up to stay and would be here about 2pm, and she was just leaving home as I phoned.

After a wander round Braemar shops and gallery and a visit to the outdoor shop, I had another cup of tea, and then went to the Moorfield House Hotel where I was booked in for the night. They would not allow me in the room until 4pm (it was about 1pm by now), but they let me leave my pack which was a relief.

Once Ishbel arrived, we had more tea and cakes and another wander round the shops (it was still raining), then we booked into the hotel. It was great to get a shower and attempt to dry off the tent and wash out some clothes.

The food at the Moorfield was excellent – just remember to book the meals in advance as they only cater for a limited number of people. Also no food served on a Sunday! Not a problem for us, but could have been if I was having a rest day.

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