I’m Allan Brown. I live in Inchture, Perthshire. I like Hillwalking, Backpacking and am into Munros and Corbetts. I also help to organise the Dundee Mountain Film Festival.

Now, what this blog is about – the Blog Mission Statement!

Weather too bad for going on the hills? Then try a Foul Weather Alternative – stay at home, fire up the laptop/Ipad or whatever, and read some blogs.

I will talk about my infrequent rambling on the hills, my observations on the outdoor scene, try not to be too serious, try not to insult or upset anyone in the outdoor world (perhaps a gentle dig now and then). I may also bore you about my other passion of watching outdoor adventure films, perhaps a book review or two – and anything else I feel a need to post.

One thought on “About

  1. If the weather is grim I will do something else. Get very riled when people say I ‘ought’ to go out in poor weather because I travel a long way to get to the hills. Reading blogs is definitely one alternative!


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