TGO Challenge 2017: Day 13 – Northwater Bridge to Montrose

Another good day. I started about 8am which is quite early for a short day, but there were quite a lot of folk away before this. I headed out the road towards Maryton, but diverted down one of the Angus Core paths just before the bridge crossing the river, This heads towards Craigo then onto Logie. A pleasant walk on good paths. It was very hot, so I splashed on liberal amounts of sunscreen.

P1000476.JPGAt Logie there is an interesting building which is essentially made from clay – the former Logie Pert United Free Church. This and the adjacent house are now owned by the National Trust for Scotland and are rented out by them. There is also a clay outhouse next to the old church. The link above has more information about this building.

At Logie I turned right then went pack onto the main road. I followed the road for a few hundred yards then took another Core Path on the right which took me into Hillside. Then I took the road that went past the Maltings and eventually onto the beach at Kinnaber Links.

montrose beachIt was great to finally be at the coast. After taking a few photographs, I enjoyed the breeze coming off the sea and walked along the beach, through the golf course and eventually to sign out at the Park Hotel. It was fairly quiet, but I met Gavin and Lynn there.


P1000497It was also good to meet Sue and the other volunteers who do a great job of manning the phones and helping keep spirits high, and dealing with all the admin stuff before, during and after the Challenge, when I am sure they would rather be doing the Challenge themselves.


Then it was off to the railway station, and a mere two minute wait for the train before being whisked off to Dundee. It was a bit of a shock seeing armed police at Dundee station, a response to the aftermath of the Manchester bombing a few days ago. Ishbel came to pick me up, and we are only a 10 minute drive from Dundee.

One thought on “TGO Challenge 2017: Day 13 – Northwater Bridge to Montrose

  1. Really enjoyed your account and photos. I really like the Minigaig and upper Feshie area. I’m hoping to go that way next time but probably passing by Gaick Lodge.


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