TGO Challenge 2017: Day 4 – Kingshouse Bunkhouse to Camp at NN 436 603


It seemed to rain all night and  it was still raining in the morning. After breakfast in the cafe (which was excellent), I teamed up with Thom Sandberg, who was also going my way, across Rannoch Moor to Rannoch Station. Margaret and David Brocklehurst left just before us, also going across the Moor. The track is initially very good to walk on, and then a bit past the lodge it changes to an indistinct path. No matter though, all you need to do is follow the electric poles, so no navigation problems.






Rannoch Station Tearoom. Brilliant.

The path bit seems to go on forever, but eventually we reached the forest. After a bit of a mud fest, the solid land rover track is reached then it’s another long plod through the trees, in more rain, to Rannoch Station. Thom headed into the Hotel; I went to the station tearoom. This is a brilliant place. Margaret and David were still there, but they were headed further down the road. After coffee and cake, and attempting to dry out by sitting next to the radiator, I stocked up with tablet and some other goodies, and then headed down the road for the path leading to Loch Ossian.


When planning the route, I had intended staying at the hotel, but it was just far too expensive. One of my colleagues at work had argued that it is a nice place, very romantic, but romance was not one of my objectives for the Challenge.


Not a bad camping spot

I knew there was a good camping spot at the bridge about 2.5 km along the path. I met some folk coming the opposite way. They had got the train to Corrour and were walking back. I crossed the bridge and put the tent up, luckily in a break from the rain. I did think about carrying on, but as I suspected, the next morning confirmed that really the only other next place to camp after this was at the Corrour Old Lodge ruin, another 1.5 hours walk at my slow pace. Unless you like camping on a sloping bog. But I don’t.


Space Invader – Frogger

I had an encounter with a frog trying to invade my tent and eventually managed to eject it after chasing it around the flysheet. I also discovered two passengers on my leg, a big and a small tick but the tick tool did its job well.






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