TGO Challenge 2017: Day 2 – Cadderlie Bothy to Inbhirfhaolain

P1000093I walked with Laurence initially. The weather started fine, but had it started raining after a few hours, and by the time we reached the end of the loch it was tipping it down. Laurence then made his way across to the other side of the loch as he was on a different route from me, and I plodded up the road. Road walking two days in a row at the start of the Challenge was not smart planning. However, I plugged in the ipod shuffle (perhaps not a sensible thing to do walking on a road) but it helped to relieve the boredom. There were a few cars stopped along the road trying to tempt deer to pose for the camera using carrots, and I did get a reasonable photograph as they do come quite close, no carrot required.


Near to where the devastation was caused by the fire earlier that week, I met up with Alison cycling back to Inbhirfhaolain. She was one of the Oakley Health Centre staff who were staying at Inbhirfhaolain on a “team weekend”. I was staying there for the night thanks to Dr David Boggin, another Grampian Club member. A few of the other girls also passed on bikes. The rest of the team were canoeing on the loch.

I also met two guys who were heading for the Kingshouse tonight. They were attempting the TGO in a week.

It was a relief to reach Inbhirfhaolain. Some of the health centre crew were there and it was great to get a cup of tea and some nibbles.

It was a great evening with great food and entertainment. I am really glad I stayed here rather than camp out in the rain with dehydrated rubbish food.


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