TGO Challenge 2017: Day 12 – Tarfside to Northwater Bridge

Colin at the Blue Door

The weather was good. After a bacon roll at St Drostons, I headed down the road to find the bridge to cross to the other side of the river.


Once across the river, the going was very easy on either a good track or large grassy plains. I met up with Colin again. We crossed the river at the new bridge near Corrisecorn, then walked down the road a bit and turned right at the Rocks of Solitude sign. It was good to get into the shade of the trees and the walk down the river is delightful.

The Seagulls at their “Tuck Inn”

We saw a few dead fish, usually surrounded by seagulls, and at the Blue Door, there was a notice explaining the fish disease. We followed the path along the river bank to Edzell and had something to eat at the Tuck Inn, along with a few other challengers.





After getting some first aid on his feet, Colin and I stocked up with some food at the shop, then followed the back paths to avoid the long straight road as much as possible. However, not long after reaching the road, the weather deteriorated and we had to don waterproofs.


Eventually, the campsite was reached. Hardly an idyllic spot, but it does the job at a good price.








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