TGO Challenge 2015: Day 7 – Going Ape over fence and gate

geeseOut at 0800hrs, and off along Luachair Mhor. Shortly after leaving the bothy, two geese circled around me and kept doing this for about an hour, eventually being joined by another pair before moving off. Quite strange.

ladder trapLuachair Mhor has lots of potential camp sites, especially where it narrows, otherwise it looks like a bit of a flood plain, being quite sandy. There is lots of old wood for a fire if you like that sort of thing. I also came across one of the strange trap things (see my photos). This is called a ladder trap and is used to trap crows using live decoy birds, but can also trap raptors. The two I saw did not have any inhabitants, but they did have bowls of water in them, and perches. Apparently, legal traps of this kind should have some sort of identification tag on it. I have no idea if this was the case here or not. One was next to the big lone tree on Luachair Mhor (about NH 781 054), the other was at NH 792 073, roughly.

target practiceAnyhow, I followed the Allt Coire Chleirich, and this was at first boggy, then fairly pleasant, especially after the river crossed the land rover track running at right angles. However, before I entered the main forest and the tracks I was aiming for, there was some new forestry and a new deer fence, with no stile. After a bit of clambering (also with no style), I made the good track, although it did have a few locked gates along the way, so more clambering. I followed the tracks to Wester Delfour. This route is a bit confusing due to some new tracks. The track runs through the area used by Go- Ape, so there are lots of platforms and aerial cable ways. go ape platformJust before I turned left to Wester Delfour there are great views, and there was a film cameraman with serious kit and his assistant shooting some film along here. After checking it was OK to go, they said it would be useful getting some footage of someone walking down the track, so I guess I will appear in some film or other. I was a bit tired so did not bother to ask them what the filming was for.

Wester Delfour is a strange place with lots of abandoned looking sheds, cars and farm implements, and looks like a scene from an apocalyptic film.

Rather than go by my intended route of small tracks via Ballinluig and Lynwilg, I decided to head for the caravan park on the old A9 via Dalraddy, where I could possibly get a drink and bite to eat. There was a shop but no cafe, so had some crisps and a coke, and then walked along the road to Aviemore. This was a bit of a drag and probably not a good decision. I should have stuck to my original and shorter route.

Just as I reached Aviemore, John Jocys and Mark Storey, both on their 10th crossing, caught up with me. I headed for a cafe for some soup. While in the cafe, Russ Manion came in. He had recognised me from my 2013 crossing. He had pulled out due to his doctor’s advice, but had hired a car and was meeting up with friends at various points of their crossing.

I then got some supplies for the next few days and headed for my B&B (Speybank B&B), which is just behind the railway station. After settling in, I headed for the Cairngorm Hotel for something to eat (but it was quite busy), bumped into Graeme and Marion Dunsire again, then headed out to the Italian Restaurant near the High Range resort, but it was closed, so just went to the Indian Restaurant.

See more photographs in my Flickr pages TGO Challenge 2015 Part 1 and TGO Challenge 2015 Part 2

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