TGO Challenge 2015: Day 2 – The Rollercoaster to Kinloch Hourn and beyond

Ladhar Bheinn

I started walking at 0815. Although the walk to Kinloch Hourn is scenic, I remembered that the walk was quite tough and took me around 4 hours the last time, but perhaps it is not as bad as I remembered. Well it is! Lots of ascents and descents and you still finish up at sea level at the end. I was overtaken by the 3 Norwegian guys Nils, Halvard and Kyrre who went passed me like I was standing still, and I thought I was going at a good pace.

I caught up with Lynsey, Liz and Sue and we met up again at the Kinloch Hourn tearoom. Bagging tearooms is an important part of the TGO Challenge, never mind these pointless Munros and Corbetts.

The Norwegian boys were just heading out as we ordered our tea etc.

on the road
Lynsey and Gerard

Lynsey and I decided to take the road route to Altbeithe (a house south of the South Cluanie Ridge, not the well know Youth Hostel of the same name), but Liz and Sue were still considering the harder overland route, and we headed off first. It is a hard pull uphill initially and we saw the Norwegian boys on the overland route, probably a good hour ahead of us now. Eventually the road gets more or less level, and we met Gerard about 3Km from the bridge. He was heading further down the road to camp. We were heading north to Altbeithe (not the youth hostel place). At the bridge there were a few cars, vans and tents and loud music – The Loch Quoich Rave or just noisy fisherman?

camp end of day 2

Nearing Altbeithe we were surprised that what I had imagined would be an isolated house had been turned into a major building site, with some water/dam construction or something going on. We therefore decided to press on east along Glen Loyne for a better camping spot. I stopped after a few km at 1815hrs, but Lynsey pressed on further to the ruins. I actually had quite a good spot. I saw no one else apart from the Norwegian boys who passed the tent about 1845. I was surprised to see them as I thought they would be much further ahead, but they probably ascended some hill before getting here. They camped about a km past me on very sloping ground.

See more photographs in my Flickr pages TGO Challenge 2015 Part 1 and TGO Challenge 2015 Part 2

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