TGO Challenge 2015: Day 1 – Barrisdale bound

The “Western Isles” in Mallaig Harbour

It was a nice morning and the boat trip to Inverie was a magical start to the journey. Then it was onto the real business – walking to the West coast. Well it was for 400 yards, as there was tea and freshly made scones to be had at the wee tearoom!

Well refreshed, it was on to the walk up to Mam Barrisdale. The track eventually changes to a path, which is generally good, but there are some unexpected muddy parts higher up. It was quite hot, and sunscreen was required. I met Liz Robertson (who is being accompanied for a bit of the walk by Sue, also from Livingston), near the bealach.

Barrisdale campsite and bothy

The path down from the bealach is very good, and I was in the Barrisdale Campsite by 4pm. Some Challengers, including Liz and Sue, were going a bit further, camping at Runival, but a few like myself and Lynsey Pooler and Gerard Uiterwall (who got the later boat) were happy to stop at Barrisdale. There were a few non-challengers there as well. Most folk seemed to opt to camp rather than use the bothy.

See more photographs in my Flickr pages TGO Challenge Part 1 and TGO Challenge Part 2

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